Thursday, July 9, 2020

Free Domain Name Service - CO.CC Alternatives

Today I came up with something interesting, something that will put a smile on your face. If you have been using subdomains and others, then cry no more because I've got you a list of untouched free domain names. is a free domain service and can also be used in redirecting a domain. On this list, I'll show you the best and unknown free domains and URL redirection service.

So, it's now your choice to choose any one of these, and then create a blog with them. They are fast and reliable.
Note: Free things are not reliable, they might shut down their company and you will loose your blog. The only way to stay outta this is to purchase a domain name from any domain registrar. 
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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Blogger Draft Mode: What Is It? And 3 Ways On How To Activate It?

Google introduced the draft mode since 2007 to test new features they added. They never thought of adding it, but later had a rethink. 
So on this post, we will understand what Blogger Draft Mode Is and 3 Ways You Can Turn It On. 
Are you ready for this tutorial?

What Is Blogger Draft Mode?
It's a beta version of Blogger, introduced in 2007 to test new features added on BlogSpot. The pre-2007 version is called "Legacy Blogger" while this is called "draft mode". 

It's the most easiest and latest version of a blogger dashboard, it lets you do things faster and smart. 
It's a little bit confusing if you are using it for the first time, but with time, you'll be good at it, just like me.

So.... In summary, Blogger Draft Mode is just like a latest (beta) version of your BlogSpot dashboard and it never appears to your visitors, just only you. 

How Can I Activate The Blogger Draft Mode?
So... Below are the 3-steps on how to dive into the pool of draft mode and they are very easy than any other tutorial, just stay by and read carefully.

Step 1: On your Blogger dashboard, scroll down and navigate to the left side where you will find "Revert To The New Blogger", click on it and allow it to reload. 
Blogger Draft Mode

Step 2: On your Blogger dashboard, go to settings >> user settings and turn on "YES" in the Use Blogger Draft Mode option.

Step 3: This is the most easiest way to do it.
On your browser, type, sign in your blogger account if you aren't and you're done. So easy. 

Here is the detailed guide and I hope you learnt everything you wanted to know about draft mode on Blogger. 

Every since I knew about draft mode, I've been using it till today and it's more easier and faster. A smart dashboard for a Blogger blog. 
You can add new posts, edit or delete a post as the old blogger version (Legacy Version) does. 

I hope this article helps, thanks for reading. Ensure to share so you can also help a soul. 

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Friday, July 3, 2020

How To Add Pages To A Blogger (BlogSpot) Blog And Index Them Faster

Add Pages and index them

So... You want to add pages to a blogger blog and you don't know how to?
Nevermind, I at your back!
 So on this post, I'll be showing you how to add pages on your BlogSpot blog and also leak some secrets for you on how to index them.
This is gonna be interesting, trust me. In the technology age, the only means of sharing information faster, reliably and with convenience is throgh the internet.
 Social media isn't left out, it's also a source, but not trustworthy, as we all know! I hardly believe posts on social media, because it's someone like me that made the post!
Same as blogs and websites also, but they are a little bit trustworthy so I can give them a 90%. Are you rest assured now? Bloggers blog, both fake and real things fooling people around the web, that's why pages are introduced to help understand whether you should believe or not believe a particular website depending on their pages.

Here is why:
 When you go to Google and type: "How To Burn Fat" and you found a website and clicked on it, and then in the blog post, they said you should use a particular remedy and boom you used it and your body gets diagnosed with a sickness, how happy will you be?.

You will never trust the internet again, so in order for you to trust them, you have to consider some factors which you can use in trusting them.

Click here to get a better understanding on how pages help your visitors trust you, even at the point of death.

When running a blog, the first and thing that should come to your mind is getting your visitors trust before thinking of money or other things that made you start blogging.
If they don't trust you, and you made a post about "investment", who will invest?
Nobody, and what will happen if they don't invest?
Of course, you'll not make profit, and out of frustration you might close down your blog.

So let trust be your first thought anytime you run a blog or website, or even a physical business, it helps a lot.

When you create a website and you start advertising or publishing anything, no one would wants to believe you. Until they open your blog's menu and read your pages;

 About Us

This pages helps your visitors to understand what the website they are following Is all about, it's the main reason why you should create it, if you don't have. 
You should not also get out of the point, introduce yourself as the founder, owner or admin firstly before introducing what your blog is about, it's very important.

Contact Us

This is where the main trust comes from. A website with this particular page has lost its trust and it takes a lot of effort to regain it back, which I'm sure it is not possible. 
On this page, people get in touch with you through the details you provide, that's; your office address, email, phone number e.t.c... 

You get people who asks personal questions, advertisers, and also job seekers if your website has one.

And same goes to other pages, but these two are the most important part in letting your visitors have confidence in you!

So.... Enough, How Can You Create [CONTACT] Pages and Publish Them On My BlogSpot Blog?

Simple: I'll start with the about us page. 
It's very important. 
Write about your business, website or organization. Also write about yourself even if it's a commercial blog, it helps a thousand times and in many ways. 
Add a photo and few things about you! 

Summarize any information about yourself in less than 300 words depending on your website niche. But write more about your website.

Then, the contact page also, should be real and straight forward, don't mislead anybody. If you don't have an address yet, don't put any fake address, wait until you have. 
Insert your email address, phone number, home/office address, branch and additional information where they can get to know more about you or where they can be able to contact you (e.g a chatbot). 

Other pages [Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions] are not really neccassary if you aren't running a professional blog. 
In my own case, I do run an official and professional blog [which is this one ;)] and for advertisers to place advertisements on my blog, they need those pages, they are very important in that case. Some of the reason why you need them are; agreements, so any action can be taken when a law is broken.

So enough, writing an "ABOUT US, CONTACT US" pages yourself are very easy and important so do that alone.
Just summarize everything about you, your business and your contact details and you're good to go.

But it's so hard to create other pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions page. So how will you write them when you don't even know how to? 

I'll help you out, trust me.

So... How Can I Create A Page On BlogSpot Blog?

Use a page generator. 
I'll use Privacy Policy as an example on this tutorial so stay tuned!

Step 1: Go to and type in "Privacy Policy Generator"
Privacy Policy page
Select that exact website URL, because they are very fast in delivering your results, so try them. 
Step 2: Open the website and fill in the required information
Privacy Policy page generator

After filling in the neccassary information, click on next and wait until the pages load.

After loading, scroll down and click on the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" option so you can copy the HTML version:

After copying it, hop in to your blogger dashboard and navigate to "PAGES"

Create a new post

At the upper right side, you'll find an HTML section; paste the copied note over there and compose it to a normal mode.
Write your title and hit "PUBLISH"

Now congrats, you just had a page, but you are not done yet, because it will only display on your Blogger dashboard and not publicly and no visitor can find it.
So what's the next step?
Hit on VIEW and copy your page's URL (address)
Go to your layout in your Blogger dashboard;

Select "EDIT" on that MAIN MENU

Now, give your page a title and paste your pages' copied url in the "link" section and hit save.

After that, click on save at the bottom again.
Now go to your blog as a visitor and boom, it's done!
Your blog can now display pages for your readers and anyone can see it, read it and trust it.
Ensure you follow these exact steps and I'm sure you'll land in the same results as mine!

So.... How Do I Index My Pages For Better Ranking?

A backlink can be defined as a vote of confidence from another blog, meaning; when they link to you, Google bots will crawl your page through that link whenever they are crawling their site. So when building backlinks, it's advisable to build with care, naturally and avoid anything spammy in order to avoid Google Problems or avoid them banning your domain.

And also, when you build backlinks, be careful your spam score doesn't rise, if it rises, Google's trust will drop off your domain.

So back to the topic, the main pages you should be targeting when building backlinks is your "About Us" page. It improve your visibility on the web. 
 And here are few ways you can get backlinks;
  • Guest Posting
This method of getting backlinks is so hard but very very effective and whenever you see the opportunity, don't hesitate to grab it! 

But before you grab it, analyze the domain using a keyword research tool to know the Domain Authority, Spam Score, and also, the traffic they have.
When the Spam Score is high, don't build backlinks from that domain, ignore it and find another.

The second effective method is:
  • Comment Backlinks
This method is also a good and fast-working  way to increase your website visibility on the web. Commenting of backlinks also helps you in ranking well.
Same rule applies, analyze the domain before you build, otherwise.

How Can I Build Comment Backlinks?

It's a little bit hard if you don't have knowledge of HTML but I'll make it super easy for you, with this simple method.
When building a comment backlink, you don't just write:, it won't ever turn into a link, so the best way to go about it is to use the HTML attribute; href! 
It's not hard:
<A href="Your-URL-Here"> Your Visible Text Here </a> 
And you're good to go, build with sense.

  • Profile Backlinks
This is an effective way also, building profile Backlinks. 
It's kind of easy but only if you find a right source where you can be building it. 
This consist of: creating an account on a website and inserting your URL in the space provided for you to put your blog address. 
And when it gets indexed, you're super good to go, just enjoy. 

And remember to build backlinks with only the websites that matches your preferred niche. It helps in better ways! 


With the help of pages, your website or business will be betterly known by your visitors and also, know who you really are. 
People says; "an image says a thousands words", so better do now and add a passport photograph of who you are, and what you do, and your mission for creating the website.

That doesn't really makes sense if you create thousands of pages but none gets indexed, so that's why I decided to offer a help, and I'm sure from today henceforth, you'll rank #1 on your niche, bet me!

Hope this helps, if you have any questions, opinions or complaints, kindly use the comment section, otherwise contact me here.
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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria That Pays You

Affiliate Marketing Program

The internet has developed and people make money very easily nowadays.
Considering the fact that you're a kid, student or a parent; you can make tons of Naira only with your SmartPhone and a internet connection.
I'll show you how to make money with affiliate programs.

This might seems almost impossible to everyone but it's for REAL.

On this post, I'll walk you through affiliate marketing and how to make money from It.

Before we proceed, here an overview of what you're gonna read;

What's Affiliate Marketing?

How Does It Work?

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria!


So let's proceed and if you read with paid attention, you'll benefit a lots from here.

What's Affiliate Marketing Program?

This involve the distributing of a seller's products links and whenever someone purchase the product through your link, you'll get a commission.
That's how it works.
It's also can be defined as 'calling or advertising of a product and anytime it got sold, you'll be rewarded by given a commission on agreement'.
They are many ways 'affiliate marketing program' is defined and if this one i gave to you isn't convincing then you can Google it out individually.

How Does It Work?

It's seen as a cool way of making money!
This is how many bloggers, YouTubers and many other make millions by just putting a link and once anybody buy the product, they get paid. Very simple and the best part out of it is that, it's stress-free and does not consume time.

It can also be seen as  the bread-and-butter of your blog for it's a cool way of making cash.
I've once, and still doing affiliate marketing and I quite make cool cash from it.

So I'll show you the 'tops affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians' (even some African countries)
Pay attention reading this while I walk you through by listing them and giving a 'short note' on each!


Jumia is on of the most selling and trending in West Africa and I know you may never have had an idea that they pay for affiliate program?
Jumia gives 11% commission for any sales made through your link and imagine ten (10) people purchase thought your link every day.
That's one GREAT way to make extra cool cash!
Register on Jumia affiliate program through this link.


Also, Konga is also a shopping website with a affiliate program and you can join them to enjoy some of their wealth.
One of my friend who's a YouTuber, he make money through Konga affiliate program and that's a way he use in updating his video tools.

Go register for Konga affiliate program here.


Amazon Is the world most popular shopping place and won't you like to taste out of Amazon's making money empire?
Then you can go and sign up for their affiliate program and start making money!
It's easy and you don't need any tech understanding to get started.


This one is same as the ones I listed up there.
Becoming a affiliate marketer should be your first choice on this post.
They pay you immediately on your pay-date.
You can also shop any products of your choice and get a cut-off percentage because you're already belonged to them.


Shopify is a shopping place and you can run affiliate marketing programs while shopping at the same time.
Technology has really helped, imagine, shopping, getting a cut-off percentage and still making money at the same time.
I think it sounds fun and you can register to Shopify's affiliate program through this link.


This is one of the world's most paying out website for their affiliate link promotion and they are liable. 
They are recognised by the world and you can join them also.
It's  $100 for sixty-five (65) clicks.

Sounds great right?
Read more about clickbank here.


Note that all I mentioned here is not hard and only requires the right steps and you'll start swimming into money. Imagine telling a friend online that: "Hey there's a camera for $100" and you send him/her the product's link then he/purchased it.
That means the link is valued by that individual so always do things with value as to get a better result. 

Peace out!


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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How To Write Bold, Italic And Strike Texts On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a multipurpose messaging app owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.
WhatsApp is used around the whole world and the number of users keep increasing everyday. And they also keep updating WhatsApp and it features, I still remembered when they introduced conference call on WhatsApp.
And now they've came around and introduced the bold text, Italic text, Strikes Text
That's making the app really interesting. It has been introduced some time ago though, but I decided to share it now, because there are a lot of people that still find it hard to write those kind of text on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp text format

So on this post, I'll be showing you the exact way on how to write bold, Italic and striked text on WhatsApp even if you don't know anything about it;

How To Write In Bold Text;

This is so simple, writing in bold text is even simple than ABC.
While on WhatsApp, write asterisk (*)Your text(*) and get your text bold.
Example: *YourTextHere* and it's immediately going to get bold!

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How To Write Italicized Texts On WhatsApp;

Italicized texts on WhatsApp can be very pretty if you love using them, then I'm sure you'll love WhatsApp new update about them!
Here is how to write an italicized text using WhatsApp:
Use underscore (_) to start the text sentence and then write whatever you wanna write and then also end the sentence with another underscore (_)
Example: _Italicized_Text_Here

That's how to do it, but it will not get bold like the first bold text, so what do we do?

How To Bold An Italicized Text On WhatsApp;

Start your sentence with an asterisk (*) and then write whatever you want with the Italicized texts instructions and also, end it with another asterisk (*).
Example: *_Italicized_Text_Here_* and it gets bold immediately.

How To Write A Cancelled/Striked Text On WhatsApp;

This is actually a cool font and it's worth trying out, sure.
You get a strike or cancellation on the text and I'm sure it's a very nice text-type.
Here are the steps to write a cancelled text on WhatsApp;
You start your sentence with ~ and then write whatever comes to your mind and then also end it with another ~ 
Example: ~StrikedText~ and you're done.

But same applies, it won't ever get bold until you decided to make it; here are the steps you use in making it bold:

Use asterisk to start your sentence (*) and then write the strike text instructions and end it with an asterisk to make it bold.
Example: *~StrikedText~* 

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Hope you get it correctly?
If not, re-read and retry the steps and it must work.
These are the little but awesome features WhatsApp introduced, that might not be all, if you know if any, kindly use the comment section to tell us and we'll get it publicized on

Sharing Is Caring

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How To Backup And Restore Your Posts On Blogger Blog

How will you feel if your blog get mistakenly deleted, lost all your post, lost your theme and other painful things?
I know you will feel bad, yeah, no typos!
On my first Blogger blog, I never knew such thing exist, I was dumb though.

Whenever I wanted to create another Blogger blog, and I need my former blog's content I'll always do the hard thing which is copy-and-paste.
Funny right?

But look at me now, I backup my content at least, twice or thrice a week in order to keep my mind at rest because nobody knows what will happen to your blog.
For instance, after you backup your contents and your blog get deleted, no qualms, you're lucky!
So what will you do next?
Simple: create another Blogger blog, import your content into it and get back your old blog in matter of seconds.
Backing up BlogSpot content

Blogging is a hard and easy thing, as a Blogger the biggest mistake I've ever made is not backing up my contents and I blindly deleted my blog unknown to me that my contents were not complete on my new blog, I cried.
That was around 1 year ago, so in order not to be me, what will you do?

Backup your Blogger blog or your posts to be precise.

How Can I Backup My Posts On My Blogger Blog?

Follow these steps and get your BlogSpot blog backed up in no time!

  • Log on to your blog at
  • On the listed-menu, click 'Settings'
  • Select 'Other'
  • At the top right side, you will find "Import/Export"
  • Click on Export and wait until it starts downloading.
  • It will be saved on your device with a .xml file extension
So that's how to backup contents from your Blogger blog and same rules applies it you want to import content.
After follow these rules, just choose "Import" instead of "export".
And after choosing it, you will be asked to let Blogger get access to your files, click yes and look for your backed up content by using the search button to type .xml in order to find it fast.

So... How Can I Download A Copy Of My Theme On A Blogger Blog?

Downloading a copy of your theme helps a lot, some times it saves 100% time and stress if you decided to re-edit and work on it again.
But it's better you just do the needful, download and then upload on any other Blogger blog so nobody will waste time setting it up for nothing.

So I'll show you the exact steps to take in order to back up your theme on a BlogSpot blog:

What Are The Steps?

  • On your BlogSpot menu, click on "theme"
  • On the top right side, you will find a"backup/restore" button
  • Click on it and a menu will pop up
  • Select "download" and allow the (.xml) file to download 
  • That's how easy it is to download a copy of your theme on a BlogSpot blog.

But.... How Do I Upload A Theme On A Blogger Blog?

So you wanna upload a theme on your fansticating blog?
That's nice, here are the steps to take in order to upload a theme on your BlogSpot blog:
  • On your BlogSpot menu, click on "theme"
  • On the top right side, you will find a"backup/restore" button
  • Click on it and a menu will pop up
  • Click on "upload file" and select your preferred theme
  • After selecting it, click "upload" 
  • Ensure its an .XML file 
  • Wait until it's uploaded which is not more than 3 seconds depending on your network.

I've Uploaded My Theme But My Blog Still Looks The Same;

I understand what you meant; you uploaded the theme but the look wasn't like the way the look should be with that particular theme.
So what are you gonna do?
Delete the blog? 
Hell, No!

Take this steps and get it fixed again, yeah:

  • On your BlogSpot dashboard
  • Click on "theme"
  • After that, find a spot like "mobile/desktop" view 
  • Under the "mobile view", click on an icon that looks like (Android phone settings Icon)
  • Select, "NO" and click on save.
  • After that, try loading your blog again and you will be surprised it now has a new and fresh look!
So, that's that for that.


If you are really passionate about your contents, then do the right thing now and back them up because you might accidentally loose them someday, I hope you don't though.
And also, the best and easiest way to upload a theme without stress is in this guide, and downloading a copy of your theme is the best way to go about it.

I've gathered my knowledge and wrote about it on this post, I hope it's helpful

Sharing Is Caring!!!

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Best Note-Taking Taking Apps For Android Users

Best Note-Taking Taking Apps For Android Users
You love it, you note it down in a note-taking app but what if you don't have one?
Then there's a problem you will need to fix, that is; download a new one!

So, do you wanna know and download the "5 Best Note-Taking Apps For Android"?
This guide will not only show you but will also guide you step-by-step on how to use each note-taking app and get the best out of it.

A normal person should need a note-taking app, even if you're a student, teacher, blogger or any other occupation you do, including a farmer because you'll also have the opportunity to note down how many yams you have sold so far, LOL.

Of course, I'm very correct, no typos!

So enough of the intro, you already have a reason why you need a note-taking app, so I'll just bring in the list so I won't waste your precious time:

So, I'm pretty sure you have heard about "EverNote" app.
It has millions of download only on Google Play Store alone, and it has a good number of positive reviews.

I personally downloaded and test this app, it's nice with a good user interface and many things you will love it for.

This is an app launched a long time ago with millions of download only on Google Play Store alone, and it has a good number of positive reviews.

I personally downloaded and test this app, it's nice with a good user interface and many things you will love it for.

I've done the data-wasting for you, enjoy!

So with the description of this Note-taking app name, you should have already know that; it's gonna be awesome, right?

That's so, so what's stopping you from downloading a well-garnished app with no ads? 

It's free, come on!

So as we all know, anything stylish is very attractive, and you must surely love this though 😍

This note-taking app is splendid and I'm sure you gonna love it, sure !

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    Friday, June 19, 2020

    How To Use Google Photos and Backup Photos

    Photos are something we need in this digital age. Photos can make us remember an incident or how something looks.
    But that is not possible if the pictures are deleted. That's an impossible thing that will every happen to me.

    You are suprised? How?
    I always backup my photos almost on a weekly basis and you can do that also, to avoid you loosing your pictures.
    They may not just get deleted but you may also get your phone lost, and boom your pictures are gone!

    So backing up your photos are the best option to prevent that from happening!
     So, do you wanna know how you can backup your photos with the Google Photos App?
    Continue reading if you're willing to know how to.

    What's Google Photos?

    Google Photos is an app developed and owned by the giant Google. It allows you to recover your deleted photos or videos even it they are deleted. You can back up any video, photo or folder with this app. 
    For Google to own this app, do you think it won't have a great value?
    Of course, it'll!

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    So...  How Can I Backup My Photos With Google Photos App?

    Simple: follow this steps and get your photos, videos or folders backed up withing a minute!
    • Open your Google Photos App
    • Select the image(s) you want to back up 
    • If it's one, view it. If it's more than one, long-press it and mark them
    • On the top right side, click on the three dots
    • Click on "BACKUP" 
    • Wait for it until it's done!
    So that's how it's done.
    Backing up your photos is the best option if you really wanna keep your photos to an extent that your kids will be like: "dad/mom, is this you?" 
    And you'll be like: "Yeah, The Tech Hijacker taught me how to backup photos".

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    How Do I Backup A Folder Using Google Photos?

    It's very easy!
    • Open your Google Photos App
    • Click on the folder and allow it to display photos
    • On the top right side, you will find a toggle (BACKUP)
    • Turn it on and your folder will start backing up
    • If it's a heavy file, I'll advise you to wait for a WiFi connection.

    In summary, you learn how to back up photos, videos and folders all in the famous Google Photos App. 
    Ensure you properly apply this steps so there won't be any error. 

    Sharing Is Caring!
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    Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    How To Delete Account From WhatsApp

    How To Delete Account From WhatsApp
    It's getting bored, right?
    Then simply deleted it and focus on others.

    Yeah, if your WhatsApp account is not as interesting as before, you can delete it, because you own it!

    WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by the giant Facebook and it's currently the most used online messaging apps; of course I use WhatsApp every single day!

    But when it get bored, deleting your WhatsApp account is what comes to your mind right?
    If yes, then I'll show you how to delete your WhatsApp account permanently!

    How Can I Delete My WhatsApp Account?

    Note that your WhatsApp account is going to be deleted permanently from their server and you can't get access to WhatsApp anymore unless you decide to re-register again.
    So, are you ready?

    • On your phone, open WhatsApp 
    • Click on the three dots at the top right corner
    • Tap SETTINGS
    • You'll see some options; choose ACCOUNT
    • Scroll down and click on DELETE MY ACCOUNT
    • Re-enter your phone number (which you want to delete) and hit DELETE
    • You'll be asked to give a feedback why you're leaving WhatsApp
    • Tell them and you're done!
    So after going through these steps, you've successfully lost your data, messages and your number isn't registered on the popular WhatsApp app anymore.

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    I Wanna Change My Non-existing WhatsApp Number To An Existing One?

    This is another interesting step to take when you want to delete a WhatsApp account.
    If you wanna delete your WhatsApp account because you've lost your old SIM, then it's better you use the "CHANGE PHONE NUMBER" option because it'll notify all your contacts that: "Hey, 071-172-590 has changed their number to (your new number)". 

    Come on, who doesn't wants that?

    So.... How Do I Change My WhatsApp Number?

    Follow these instructions and get your WhatsApp number changed in no time:
    • Open your WhatsApp App
    • Click on the three dots at the top right corner
    • Click SETTINGS
    • Now, tap ACCOUNT
    • You must be aware that your new number is gonna be in the same groups you are
    • You must input your old and new phone number
    • Wait for verification (withing 30 seconds) and you're good to go!
    Congratulations, you've just changed your old WhatsApp number to a new and existing one. 

    How Do I Backup My WhatsApp Chat?

    • Go to SETTINGS
    • Click on CHATS
    • And then click on the BACKUP button
    • But before that, scroll down and turn on Google Drive folder as "whenever I tap BACKUP" 
    • Select  the email you want to use and back it up
    • Select whether you want to include videos by toggling it on
    • Scroll up again and click BACKUP

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    In summary, you learnt how to delete a WhatsApp account, change phone number and backup chats.
    You surely can do it alone, now go and teach the world!

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    Sharing Is Caring!!!

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      Tuesday, June 16, 2020

      How To Log Out Gmail Account From Android/Tablet Phone

      How To Log Out Gmail Account From Android/Tablet Phone
      A Gmail account is hard to be logged out, no doubts!
      Three weeks ago, I changed my Android phone (I was formerly using Samsung, but I purchased itel phone now) so I had to log out my Gmail accounts, Facebook account and many other things but I never wanted to reset the phone.

      I was willing to sale or give it out to a lucky person so that was why I was busy trying to remove everything that's mine from the Samsung phone.

      Everything was removed except my "Gmail account"! How do I go about it?
      But I never went online to Google how to do it, LOL.

      I tried and tried until I got fed up, and dropped the phone.
      I tried the next day, and I successfully removed the Gmail account from my Android device.

      So that was how I got to learn it, all by myself. And I'm sure that's why you're right here reading this article.

      Are you willing to sign out/log out your Gmail account from your Android or tablet phone? Then follow these steps, and it'll be done in matter of seconds!

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      Here is the simple step-by-step guide I used in permanently logging out my Gmail account from my Android phone:

      So, How Do I Log Out My Gmail Accounts From My Android or Tablet Phone (Permanently)?

      1. On your Android/Tablet, Go to your settings
      2. Scroll and tap "Users and Accounts" 
      3. You'll find Facebook, WhatsApp and Gmail accounts 
      4. Choose the particular Gmail account you want to remove 
      5. Down the bottom, you'll find a "REMOVE ACCOUNT" button, click on it.
      6. If you're using a 6.0 Android version or lower, then you'll find three dots (:) at the top right corner, click on it
      7. Tap remove account/off sync 
      8. You're done 
      So that's the simple guide I used, and you can do the same also.
        Now you can go and remove that Gmail address from you device without getting worried again, enjoy!

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        Sunday, June 14, 2020

        Learn How To Connect Xender From Android To iPhone

        What Is Xender?

        Xender is the biggest file sharing company that's outranking every other app.
        Xender from Android to iPhone

         Over the years, it has grown beyond imaginations and even growing with so many features that's even making it users to send and receive files more easier, faster and safer.

        Back then, Xender only works on iPhone to iPhone or just Android phone to Android phone but take a look at technology now, it has evolved and you can now connect Xender even from Android to PC.

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        So before I proceed on teaching you how to "connect Xender from Android phone to iPhone" you need to be aware that this particular method doesn't works if your iPhone camera is faulty. 
        Just quit reading if it's, but if it's not, then continue reading.

        How Can I Connect Xender From Android To iPhone?

        This is an easy but complicated guide if you don't pay attention, you might end up not getting it right!

        So are you ready to connect Xender from your Android phone to your iPhone?
        Let's begin!!!

        • Open Xender both on iPhone and Android
        • On Android, click "SEND" and click on "connect to iPhone?" icon
        • Wait until a QR code display
        • On the iPhone, click "RECEIVE" and click on "connect to Android?" icon
        • On the iPhone, you'll be asked to "SCAN" a QR code
        • Use the iPhone's camera to scan the QR code on Android and it'll automatically get connected.
        • Congrats, you can now send and receive files from both phones!
        That's how you connect Xender from Android to iPhone and send or receive files within minutes. 

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        How To Create A Space On Quora

        How To Create A Space On Quora
        Quora is a Q&A (question and answer) website that's managed by moderators and users post or answer questions related to what they have knowledge about.
        Why I love Quora is that; you only see what you want by choosing random topics and Quora will never fetch you with unrelated content.

        Creating a Quora account is an easy task but getting a space on Quora is not really a child's play.
        Getting a space on Quora have a lot of benefits and can also be used to make money and get an audience or get an attention!

        If you're here to learn "how to create a space on Quora", then this is the right content for you so just relax and continue reading this quickie thread.

        I'll show you a cool and fast way to get access to a space on Quora even though you're a new or old user.

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        Even up till now, Quora still says that; "Only admins or moderators have access to Spaces on Quora and you need one of those two's permission to get a Space also!" but that's a thing of the past, they are now upgraded and it's completely an easy task to get a Quora space!

        Enough of beating around the bush, let's dive into the main topic which is creating a Quora space in matter of seconds 🤩

        How Do I Create A Space On Quora?

        Here's the complete guide on how to do that:

        1. Log on to
        2. Click your profile photo at the top right side of your account (if there's no profile photo, then there will be a big letter of your first name; [if your name is James, then you'll see the letter "J").
        3. A tab will appear and you'll have some options, click on "YOUR NAME" 
        4. You'll be redirected to where you can edit or change anything about YOU.
        5. Scroll down until you find a "CREATE A SPACE" section, then click on it.
        6. Give the Space a "name" and a "1-line description"
        7. Hit continue at the top right side.
        8. Choose a (or more) topic(s) related to what your Space is all about.
        9. You're done 
        Hurray, you've just created a Quora Space that you've been trying to do since you knew about it.


          A Quora Space have an uncountable list of purpose ranging from; making money online, getting a job, driving traffic to your blog, making sales, getting fame and the list goes on....

          It all depends on you, while busy building up your Quora Space, ensure you don't violate their rules to avoid them banning your Space.
          Ensure to also read their terms and conditions before taking any step further.

          Hope this helps you to create an outstanding Space on Quora!!

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          Saturday, June 13, 2020

          How To Recover Deleted Files For Android

          Do you wanna retrieve your old deleted files? And you are worried of not knowing how to go about it?
          I got you covered, by providing a step-by-step guide on How to Recover Deleted Files For Android users only.

          But before we get started, why will you delete your personal files in the first place?, LOL?
          Well, you never knew it was gonna be like this right?

          The Tech Hijackers got you covered and your files will be retrieved this instant but only if you follow this steps religiously.
          And the most interesting part is that, rooted or not rooted, this trick is gonna work for any Android phone with the version 4.4.2 or upwards.

          How To Recover Deleted Files For Android Phones?

          This is the place where your attention will be needed because for you to recover your files, you need to apply this on-screen steps practically.

          So, are you ready to get started?
          Let's begin.

          Recover Deleted Files - App is an app developed by OwuApps and launched recently to help you retrieve any files for your Android phone ranging from Photos, Videos, Audios and even Documents with just few clicks and the most interesting part is that, it's FREE and OFFLINE!! 
          wow, who will not wanna have this app on his/her phone?
          Obviously nobody!

          It has a pretty look and just 5.4 MB to download it so you don't need a WiFi connection to download it.

          So, How Can I Recover Deleted Files With This App?

          It's simple. Here is the guide:

          • Download this app from Google Play Store and open.

          Recover Deleted Files

          • After opening the app, click on "ACCEPT" on the T&C which means terms and conditions.
          • Choose what type of file you wanna recover; either photos or videos.
          Recover Deleted Files

          • Wait until it analyze and count already-deleted files and fetch you with the results. 
          • Tick on anything you are willing to retrieve and click "Restore Now" 
          • You're done!
          • Go to your Files Manager and enter "Recovered Files" folder and you will be amazed that they are back.
          So this guide is easy right?
          Now go out there and retrieve that your old file that you are missing!
          I recommend you to give it a 5-star rating on the Google Play Store because it's definitely worth it.

          Feel free to share so other will find it useful someday!

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          Wednesday, June 10, 2020

          How To Change Android Wallpaper

          How To Change Android Wallpaper
          Does that your wallpapers stinks? then it is obvious you will want to change it
          Here on this article, I'll teach you a step-by-step guide on how to change any wallpaper on Android. 
          A phone without a wallpaper is like an outdated phone, will you like your phone to be called an outdated phone? 
          That's also a reason for changing/activating a new wallpaper because it makes your phone very pretty, flexible and smart.

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          How To Change Android Wallpaper 

          1. Open your gallery 
          2. Select the picture you wanna use as your wallpaper
          3. View the picture and click on the three dots (:) at the top right side of the picture
          4. Choose "Use As"
          5. Select "Wallpaper"
          6. Select whether it should be set for 'locked' or home screen wallpaper.
          7. You're good to go!
          In summary, changing your wallpaper on any Android phone is as easy as ABC, so what's stopping you?
          This method works on almost every Android phone and you don't need any technical skills if you follow this steps religiously!!

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          Friday, May 29, 2020

          Best Launchers On Android [Free 2020 Edition]

          Best Launchers On Android [Free 2020 Edition]
          Tired of your Android phone launcher?

          Sometimes one of your dreams are about your phone's look; the launcher or theme is actually the secret to that. What if you don't find a tasty and outstanding look or launcher?
          Then your dream hasn't come True!

          Launcher is always the wife of my phone right from the time when I knew something like that existed.
          Your current launcher may be slowing down your phone, or have too many ADs or any other trashy problem but the ones I'm about to list here are the perfect launchers you could wish for!

          After installing these launchers, I'm pretty sure your friends don't recognize your phone anymore, LOL!

          So on this post, I'll be feeding you with the latest, best and unique Android launchers around the web.
          Once your phone have an internet connection, install and your phone will feel special 😍

          Can't wait?
          These launchers are ADs-free and you'll definitely enjoy them.

          Why Need A Launcher?

          There are many benefits around that and you should have known and some of them are;
          • Beautification 
          • Style 
          • Appearance 
          • Fast
          • Enjoyable 
          • Experience 
          And many more, who will not want all this?

          In my own time when I had my first Android phone (Wiko), I never knew what an Android launcher is but thankfully to the internet, it exposes me to a lot.

          Now any phone that doesn't have a launcher isn't mine, of course!

          Let's get started with the list of best launchers for Android phones and they are completely free.

          1. Microsoft Launcher

          Microsoft Launched is a launcher developed by Microsoft Corporation and meant for Android platform to give your phone an attractive, fast and simple appearance.  
          It was officially released in 2015 as Arrow Launcher but later changed to the current name. 

          Download this launcher and give your Android phone a new look!

          2. Computer Launcher

          Another alternative for Microsoft Launcher?
          Then try Computer Launcher, they are awesome!
          This app is flourishing in terms of attentiveness and you are not gonna disappointed if you give it a try!

          3. Fire Launcher

          Obviously, the name of the launcher already describe how it works.
          Fire Launcher is not like every other launched, this one is unique, and so attractive. 
          If you're a type that loves art first, before any other thing, then go for this particular launcher. 
          DOWNLOAD it now and explore!

          4. Galaxy S20 Launcher

          Such an amazing app indeed. 
          You know the popular and expensive phone; Samsung Galaxy S20 look?
          Then this is exactly how your phone is going to look like; it's gonna be awesome so check this app out. 

          5. Visionary Launcher

          I won't say much about this launcher in particular because others listed above have already described it so I don't need to. 
          In other words, this launcher have so many functions (like others too) so you'll enjoy it!

          6. iLauncher

          iLauncher is an application for Android users serving as a home launcher and the font, appearance, typo-style etc.... are definitely impressive. 
          If you wanna make your phone be completely different from the old one, try iLauncher NOW!!

          7. HiOS Launcher

          Do you need a "free launcher that's creatively developed?" 
          HiOS launcher is here for you.
          With the reviews, downloads and description of this app on the Google Play store, you don't need any prophet to tell you to download it. 

          I also download and tested all these apps, so any one you choose is recommended!


          In summary, all the lauchers listed here are worth trying, pick any of your choice and give your phone a new look. 
          Wanna know what type of launcher I use?
          It's Microsoft/Fire Launcher!

          Sharing Is Caring!!!

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          Thursday, May 28, 2020

          Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

          Before you publish a blog post, you make use of a keyword research tool, isn't it?
          Of course, I'm right!

          Many bloggers misuse keyword research tools and really don't know the importance. Do you think you'll ever rank on Google SERP (search engine result page) if not for the well-research and optimized title and content?

          If I decided to publish a blog post about "Italian Restaurant" and I have a pretty new website, it's obvious that I'll never rank (expect if i run ADs) for that particular keyword, but how did i know this?
          The answer is "KEYWORD RESEARCH"?

          With a keyword research tool, you'll be able to know If you are going to rank for a particular keyword or not, you are gonna know the monthly search volumes, CPC (cost-per-click), CUT  (click-to-rate), content ideas and even know what type of content your competiton posted about so you can beat them and rank in no time.

          A Keyword Research Tool enables you to know the importance of a particular keyword by showing you the performance. It'll be left for you as the blogger to decide if you can do research on the keyword and beat your competition.

          These tools aren't just for bloggers and website owners, but anyone who wants to know works statistics!

          A keyword research tool can tell how many monthly page views does a website have; either organic or not.

          You have to read this amazing article because you'll benefit a lot and also, I've attached a free e-book about ON-Page SEO.

          Grab a cup of coffee and continue reading.....


          Moz pro have been in existence for a while now and they have world most accurate data. 
          I'm actually a big fan of Moz Pro because they are very fast and reliable.

          Is Moz Pro A Free or Paid Tool?

          Normally, when you're new to Moz Pro, you get a free trial which you can use to set up 10 campaigns on a daily basis. 
          You'll get notified immediately you make use of your daily limits whether you wanna upgrade to a premium account or not. 

          How Much Is Moz Pro Pricing?


          SEMrush is almost but not a free tool. But I still call it a free tool because they have almost the same plans with Moz Pro and they are worth trying.

          Place that keyword on here now and explore!


          This is also a big and trusted company you need to work with.
          Every blog post you publish deserves a keyword research.
          They actually have a test/demo which you have to access with a one-time payment of $7 and this is currently a bonanza, it's normally $99/$176 for different plans; solo and a consultant!
          You get a lot of free stuffs, like site audit, backlink checker and more 😍

          Want to rank well? Then try Ahrefs!


          This tool is officially founded and owned by Neil Patel ( himself and I'm pretty sure you've heard of him.
          Neil is my role model; a digital marketing expert and his keyword research tool is nothing but a great tool.

          I've used it multiple times and I can really say it's very SEO-friendly with a live statistics. 
          You can get started today by visiting and start exploring; it's free.

          5. Google Keyword Planner 

          Google Keyword Planner is a tool owned by Google and it's very accurate. Anything you find on there is 100% accurate so are you ready to rank?
          Then try it and testify!

          This tool isn't just a keyword researcher, you can even explore more by getting suggestions that will suit your taste. 
          C'mon, who will not wanna be in your shoes (with extremely free and great suggestions)?

          Scrape suggested keywords from different sources and outrank your competitors, so easy?
          Soovle is known for it's great job; bringing the best result and feeding you with a shortcut to rank!

          That's a great tool if you are a type that find it hard to rank for TITLE, Soovle will give you one!


          These tools that are mentioned above are the very best amongst others, I personally picked and tested them to suit your taste!

          It's advisable to keep in touch with your keyword research tool before you publish any blog post; it helps a lot.
          And you get because your competitors may be doing better than you do, so.......

          Sharing Is Caring!!!

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          Tuesday, May 26, 2020

          How to Do Conference Call On WhatsApp

          How to Do Conference Call On WhatsApp
          WhatsApp is obviously the current most biggest messaging app online, both for Android/iOS and iPhone users.
          WhatsApp has been in existence for more than a decade now and the number of people who use the app is increasing, just because IT'S the best!

          It has so many features that are recently introduced; conference video/audio calls and other....

          As a businessman or an organisation, you ought to meet with your clients for any transactions. 
          What if you don't have any opportunity to meet? 
          Then conference video/audio calls are the next option you should think of!.

          They are so many apps that support conference calls but I'll be writing about WhatsApp in particular.

          What Is A WhatsApp Conference Call?

          Simple, this is a WhatsApp-based call (either audio or video) where can (see) and communicate with up to four (4) people at a time. 
          This process requires an internet connection, either cellular data or WI-FI.
          You can add more people until it reaches the maximum of four people.

          What Are The Advantages/Disadvantages of A Conference Call?


          1. You don't need to stress yourself, just pick up your phone and speak.
          2. It's completely free, and fast.
          3. You can talk to multiple (maximum 4) people at a time
          4. You don't need airtime, just an internet connection 


          1. Of course, disadvantages aren't much.
          2. You can't punch anyone when you want to (LOL).
          3. When your connection is poor, your video quality will be poor.
          So I'm pretty sure you've have a good knowledge concerning a "WhatsApp Conference Call" and I can now proceed to show you how to make it!

          How Can I Make A WhatsApp Conference Call?

          It's as simple as ABC, but only if you abide to the rules of this post religiously.
          • Open your WhatsApp and select the person you want to call
          • Hit the video/audio call icon at the top right side
          • While the call is going on, click on the icon ( + ) on the top right side to add others
          • Select who you want to add to the call
          • Wait until the persons accept the call request
          That's how you make a conference call on WhatsApp either audio or video and it's very cool.


          A group call on WhatsApp can be very informative and inspiring when you are having a conversation with the right persons.

          This post covers everything about a conference call on WhatsApp and you are definitely gonna make one of you wish to, because, I've written everything that you must know In order to win!

          Sit down and call your old friends and family and have a good time together.
          WhatsApp is amazing!

          Sharing Is Caring!!!

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          Monday, May 25, 2020

          6 Best Screen Recorders For Android Phones

          It's obvious that in the world of smartphones, we come across different things on our screen that's worth saving.
          What if you find a video on Facebook; can you actually save it? 
          No, it's not possible.

          That's one reason why you should need a screen recorder on your device. It help in many ways and many places. 

          Last week, I was on Quora reading an article. I loved it and wanted to screenshot it and upload on social media but I thought it'll be hard for them (social media users) to understand it; how will they know this: beginning & the ending?
          So I quickly changed my mind and gave up.

          After narrating this to a friend of mine, he laughed and exposed me to the world of "Screen Recorders".

          So from now henceforth, I'm actually gonna video anything I come across that seems to be interesting!

          That's how I came to know what it feels like to have a screen recorder on your Android device!

          Here on this article are 6 best screen recorders for android phones that you must try!
          I download and test this applications personally just to suit your taste.
          You don't need to waste your data and time searching for the best android screen recorder; I've done that for you, so, just download it and enjoy!

          Are you ready to get the incomparable list of the best screen recorders for Android users?
          If 'Yes' then keep on reading...

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          1. HD Screen Recorder - iRecorder

          This is a screen recorder that allows you to record, trim and save the video all in one app! It's a great app that you definitely wish to have. I've downloaded and tried it; it works fine and doesn't have irrelevant ADs. 
          In conclusion, iRecorder is a free Android app for screen-recording and it's one of the most downloaded so far, it's worth a try, so check it out!

          2. XRecorder

          XRecorder is an Android app, similar to other screen recorder. It allows it users to record freely and it's a free app. 
          Irrelevant ADs aren't displaying; unlike some but trust me; I won't mention or list trash for you, so stay tuned.
          It's a great app that's worth a try.
          It's still not the best but for you to find the best, then keep on reading.

          3. A-Z Screen Recorder

          This is one of the best screen recorders for android phones. It has so many features and I love it. 
          This is the screen recorder I'm currently using; and I'm not uninstalling it!

          This app allows you to record by accessing the app and clicking on "RECORD" and you're done. 

          After recording what you need, access it and watch - so simple!

          4. Screen Recorder

          This one has almost the same functions like others! You can easily download it and install, then start recording whatever you want to.

          No irrelevant ADs are placed on it so I'm 100% sure you'll get an amazingly UX - don't panic, UX means user experience!

          5. Screen Recorder - No Ads

          This is actually one of the best, but not. You get the same functions like others do! It has no ADs and you gonna enjoy it if you have a better Android phone. 
          No ADs at all and it works fine and doesn't have any disadvantage!
          It's an app you must try; NO Ads, who doesn't need that?

          6. Assistive Touch iOS

          This is actually the best screen recorder on the whole internet.  It's used both on iPhone and iOS. 
          Android users fall under iOS so don't be scared; you can install it.

          This app doesn't ONLY record your screen; it has a lot of features: It can screenshot, turn on data/WI-FI, rotate your phone, hit home or backward and even minimize apps!

          There are other features that I forget to list but you can check the BEST screen recorder on the internet out!


          In conclusion, almost all screen recorders with no ADs are the best but Assistive Touch iOS remain a the best. You can get all of them on Google Play Store; I've attached a link on every screen recorder's name; you can just tap, install it and you're good to go!

          Note: YOU don't need any internet connection for you to access them, just download and start recording!
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          Saturday, May 2, 2020

          Best Android Games Offline To Try

          Offline game for android

          Games are defined as a virtual environment where we interact in. It's what we do or play for fun.
           What do you do if you wanna while away time? Of course, you play OFFLINE games that saves your data and battery percentage.

          Last week, I went to a friend house and i was so hungry so he had to cook. It took him almost 45-minutes which is not that long to me because I was busy playing OFFLINE games. It was very interesting and I can't get my hands off my phone whenever playing those games.

          Playing OFFLINE games have a lot of advantages and some of them are:
          They save data.
          They save battery.
          You can block AD, calls or messages by activating the "airplane mode".
          They have high-quality  graphics.
          They are easy to play.
          You don't need to purchase any special packages.

          There are many more advantages to mention a few. So would you like to explore the 'best offline android games?'
          If YES, then continue reading because the list is endless.

          1. Subway Surfer

          This game have been birthed for over a decade now. It is also one of the most downloaded game on Google Play Store and this gives a positive sign that; it'll be very cool to play.
          The game is for only android users. You play the game by running on the railway while a police officer will be chasing you. You're a hero if you beat my 5, 900 score.
          If you can, then send me a mail with the screenshot.

          2. Temple Run

          This game is similar to subway surfer. It also have high-quality graphics and it's only available on Android phones. If you're using iPhone, then this is not meant for you.
          You play the game by running away from a monster and dragons. It's fun. You swim, fly, jump and bend like it's reality. The more you go far, the more points you have. You can collect more coins and buy packages (like coins booster, timeout etc) from the store.

          This game is worth trying, check it out here

          3. Asphalt 9: Legends

          This game is super amazing. It looks 100% real and if you have an Android of 2GB RAM, then you're good to go. You'll enjoy it.
          It is a car racing game and you're a hero if you take the 1st/2nd position.
          You race with different drivers, cars and field. This game was developed to let it users get the best; and we are definitely impressed. It's one of my best game.
          You can choose either to play it solo, multiplayer (thats; two or more phones can play it), general racing etc.

          This game is super perfect.
          Download it now

          4. Checkers

          Checker is a game you play by switching your player and your opponent does the same. With time, the winner will be fished out after some time. I love playing checkers. It can make you (or your kids) active if you are not. Checker is played by children and adult. There's no restrictions.
          Checkers is very popular and have over 5 million downloads ONLY on the Google Play Store. It worth a try. The downloads and reviews are envisioning.
          I recommend you to give it a try. If you have never played it, you CAN'T win until you get used to how it's played. You loose, loose, and then WIN.

          5. GTA: San Andreas 5

          GTA is a short form of Grand theft Auto. It's a game played since the early 1990s and till date. It's one of the best game. Recommend by a trusted source of games provider. It was coded with tons of programming languages and the game is quite a great one.

          The game has tons of misson you have to accomplish and you have to unlock the first before you get to the other. It's a guy called CJ; you control him to do what the game ask you to. You can go and get a haircut, kill your haters, go to clubbing, rob a bank, commit a crime and get wanted. You get a star when wanted and once it's full (5 stars) you'll probably get caught and imprisoned.

          In the game, you can swim, dance and do anything a human does. You have access to airplanes, bike, bicycle, helicopter, machine guns to mention a few.

          I play this game almost everyday. You can also decide whether or not to go into missions.

          You can give it a try, of course.

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          6. Winning Eleven

          This game is a football game played offline. You can choose to play with teams like Chelsea and others.
          You can create your own team with your name and use players of your choice. You can also buy players like C. Ronaldo and others

          You can play it with family and friends by using the multiplayer section. You and a friend can play together as team and opponent. The game is fun. You compete with others and get points and coins when you win, and they deduct when you loose.

          This game is quite cool and you can give it a try and smile :)

          7. Stickman Fight

          This game is a great one with high-quality graphics. It is one of the greatest stickman games with zero disadvantages. It is all about small human-like in form of sticks fighting each other. The winner gets point that can later be used in the store to purchase additional weapons. You can play solo with the robots or multiplayer with a friend.

          This game is very good to play. Check it out

          8. Supreme Duelist Stickman

          This is also similar to Stickman Fight. There are no much differences. It has to do with sticks fighting each other. You can choose your human-like in form of stick and with different color, weapon and background.
          There's an option for multiplayer or solo; it's your choice

          Check out "Supreme Duelist Stickman"

          9. N.OV.A Legacy

          This game is very actionable. It makes you focus while playing as not to get killed. You play by killing your enemies. The more you kill, the more they appear and the rate at which you'll die is increasing. The game is very rich in graphics and it's a practical example of an action game for android users.

          Download N.O.V.A Legacy HERE

          10. Awesome Free

          You might be wondering what type of game could this be?
          It's a game developed by and you only run through a long road, collecting coins, gems and other valuable packages. On the long run, you also get attacked by zombies and other scary stuffs. This game is every interesting and they offer you 500 coins everyday your play.

          This game is worth downloading, TRY it now.

          11. Killer Bean Unleashed

          I should have listed this at number 4 but I didn't. Killer Bean Unleashed is an action game played offline. It lets the user fight, shoot, dodge, bomb and do many other things to successfully complete the given mission.
          The game is clear - you die or win. You challenge your enemies masters and so forth.

          Check this amazing game out right away!

          12. Call of Duty

          This game is so popular. Almost every gamer out there plays it. If you don't know about it, then you're not a gamer of course.
          This is an action game that you'll not wanna ever miss.

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          13. Metal Slug Attack

          This game is meant to be played by genius gamers because it's too perfect. You probably gonna love this game. If you're in search for a great game, then this is the right one.

          Download it and enjoy!

          14. Asphalt Nitro

          Over the decades, this game have been one of the best and it's worth a try. It a racing game you can play for free. It's offline and you can play either solo or multiplayer. You can choose who you wanna race with. It's an awesome game.

          Download and enjoy!

          15. Undead Slayer

          This game is super fantastic. You can check it out now to see what I'm talking about.
          Download Undead Slayer!

          16. Legendary Heroes

          This game, you get points and unlimited money when you perform an amazing function. It's an action game.

          Download and ENJOY!

          17. Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge

          This game gives you a fantastic experience.
          Download this game and explore now.

          18. INOTIA

          This game is a great one played by people like me, who love action games. If you're out there looking for a great action game of all time, then try INOTIA.
          You get unlimited features, money and skills.
          Download INOTIA!

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          19. Minecraft Pocket Edition

          This game is awesome for offline game players.

          Check it out.

          20. Cabal Mobile

          Cabal Mobile is a game played by children and adult, anywhere and anytime. You can play both offline or online.
          This game is for geniuses.

          Download it now.


          This is a list of 20 best offline games for android. You can kill the boredom in you with these games. They are definitely worth playing.

          Note: you can only install some of them as APK files.

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